Our Sisters | 001: Nigerian “Naija” Experience 🇳🇬

…From Canada🇨🇦

Wassup Family!  I named this 1st series “Our sisters” because I wanted to shout out the women in our lives in the diaspora, may they be our mothers, our sisters, our lovers, daughters; as Africans, we know how much they mean to you). Episode 001-big deal! My guest today represents Nigeria “Naija” all day and was born and raised in Canada. She provides an interesting perspective of African women abroad. Let’s get into to her African experience…

In this Naija experience, we’ll discover:

  • The grind and sacrifices her parents went through to allow her a better life
  • Her approach to answering the “where are you from” question. As she was born and raised in Canada
  • How she’s able to help/give back to Naija at her humble level…
    • How is it perceived to give back?
  • Much more

Click to Listen:

 Hope you enjoy the show!

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Show Notes:

  • Clothing line: Viktor Reid
  • Ajax, Ont, Canada: Map it

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