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Promote Africa | ep3: Iveoma.com

It’s been a while since we last connected, long story… but I am back! In my journey to uplift Africans in the diaspora, I have met quite a few like mindset people, and it only took me a bit of research to come across like-minded platforms. Iveoma from Iveoma.com – born and raised in the […]

Promote Africa | ep1: SilverTrustMedia…Showcasing people of African decent

…From Canada🇨🇦   First episode of the series on “outlets that promote Africa” is focusing on Silver Trust Media and its mission of “uplifting people of African decent inside and outside their community”, founded by Moses Mawa at the age of 20, just a couple of years after moving to Canada (from Uganda). Where he met and married Patricia, who […]

Our Sisters | 005-Part2: Ghanaian “GH” Experience 🇬🇭

…From Canada🇨🇦 MissGo2Girl, aka the SpiceOfAfrica, representing Ghana 🇬🇭-(Part 2) MissGo2Girl aka the Spice Of Africa representing Ghana – In this second part she explains how she was able to take over this male-dominated industry, her formula to filter opportunities as well as the formation of a strong African entertainment scene in Canada. Let’s get back into her African […]

Nos Soeurs | 004: Experience “Z” Congolaise 🇨🇩

   …du Canada🇨🇦 Salut à tous! Mon nom est IceTouch, bienvenue sur Chilling With the Diaspora. Episode  #4 de notre série sur nos soeurs africaines dans la diaspora. Mon invitée aujourd’hui représente la République Démocratique du Congo (ou Zaire, comme je l’appelle affectueusement!). En fait, elle cvient indirectement du Zaire, carétant passée par Bruxelles et Paris, […]

Our Sisters | 003: Ugandan “UG” Experience 🇺🇬

…From the USA 🇺🇸 “Our sisters” series takes us into the lives of African women in the Diaspora and their experience. Martha takes us through the Ugandan perspective 🇺🇬, from the streets of Kololo, Muyenga of Kampala to Canada now in Texas, US. We’ll discover her experiences from growing up in UG to be being a mother, a wife in a […]

Nos Soeurs | 002: Expérience “Kamer” Camerounaise 🇨🇲

…du Canada🇨🇦 Salut à tous! Mon nom est IceTouch, bienvenue sur Chilling With the Diaspora. La première série de ce podcast sur la diaspora Africaine, j’ai nommé “Nos Soeurs”, en reconnaissance pour nos femmes africaines: mères. soeurs, amoureuses, filles. Dans ce 2e épisode, mon invitée qui représente le 237, vient des rues de Douala au […]