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My promise to you

Each episode will contain a takeaway for you to apply on your road to Success and Happiness as an African in the Diaspora.

Not sure if this for you?

Well, go through these:

  • Are you an  African in the diaspora wanting to be bigger and better than who you are today?
  • Do you call any country in Africa home?
  • Do you believe black kids with flies over their face do NOT represent Africa?
  • Is your name difficult to pronounce for some folks?
  • Have you ever been asked if  “You speak African”?

If yes to any of the above, welcome! You are not alone.

Jump in with us on a journey to transform your African experience into success story.

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The Podcasts

Why you should listen?

Interview-style podcast with Africans in the Diaspora.

  • Learn from the most inspiring Africans who live abroad
  • Find out how to use your African background as a competitive advantage from the most successful
  • Participate in discussions on the hottest topics in African Diaspora

Get into the diversity and uniqueness of Africans in the Diaspora… Welcome inside the African experience.

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Who is IceTouch?

The show host:
An African in the Diaspora, just like you.

Thanks to my life experiences, I am convinced that we, Africans, have much more in common than we think, more importantly, in the Diaspora. Instead of discussing our differences, here is an arena where we can share our experiences, so not only could we educate ourselves about each other but, learn from each other’s experiences away from the Motherland.

Am I the only one who feels some type of way when asked if I speak African? (Like really!?). I know I am not the only one cheering for any African team at global sports events…

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Chilling with the Diaspora | Podcast | 2017